Sun Loungers - the best tool for relaxation  

by Pool Builders on 11-08-2010 in Articles

Sun Lounger can be described as a patio furniture, beach-side / pool-side furniture or outdoor furniture. As the name implies, it is put on the open for a sun bath. They come in both in assembled condition and some with unassembled condition for us to make the assembly.

Sun Loungers [] are an excellent way to relax and rejuvenate yourself under the sun. Sun Lounger is the best to have a little relaxation after a bath in the beach or the pool side or a small nap under the sun. The importance of it can be realized when you are on a vacation and want to take a bath in the beach or the swimming pool. It can be kept under the trees for a refreshingly fresh air while relaxing.

They are normally horizontal like a single bed with an elevation towards the head for the keeping the head high. Double Sun Lounger is made for the couple. There are some sun loungers, which are like an easy chair.

It may be made of teak wood, aluminum frames or stainless steel. Most of Sun Loungers come with a cushion to make your body comfortable.

Look For the following features in a Poolside Furniture,
* As it is an Outdoor Furniture, it should have the weather wicking property
* It should be Water, UV, Crack and Split Resistant
* Get it with a cushion with great colors as they are going to adorn your pool.
* Cushion would help in better relaxation
* The Cushion Fabric should be Fade Resistant
* Always check for the warranty offered by the manufacturer.
* If the Sun Lounger comes with a Tables check for the Smooth top
* Go for an umbrella, if you want to protect your face from sun

Portable Sun Loungers have wheels attached to it or they come in the folding type. A small round table near the sun lounger would give a more exquisite look for your swimming pool. It could also help in keeping a small round of wine or a book, depending upon your interest.

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