Sun and Adventure Chasers  

by Pool Builders on 09-16-2011 in Articles

We will go wherever the sun doth shine.' Surfers, skateboarders and adventurers are chasers. They chase waves, they chase cars and they chase experience and thrill. They find themselves in the most beautiful parts of the world, where the sun beats down, the surf is always up and their minds are free.

Amongst these places are:

1. The inside of an empty swimming pool:

Everyone knows that empty swimming pools make great skateboard parks. They've got the depth and the walls. Skateboarders will spend days in empty swimming pools, with music blaring and their friends all around them. This image is a youthful one. The way high school summers were spent, without a care in the world and only experiences to be had.

2. A remote beach:

Surfers know where to find the best waves. They also know that they don't like to have to share those waves with anyone else. There are some hidden corners of the earth's oceans though, that are known by few. They offer the solitude of the seas as well as their challenges. After a day of tides, surfers can sprawl out on the warm sand beneath a palm tree, with nothing in the world to distract them.

3. California roads:

California roads are divided by rows of palm trees. Straight on they look like a massive race track and for some they are. Skateboarders are always in search of open roads. Where they can catch speed and temporarily own the streets. Watching them as they glide along the pavement, body low to the ground, eyes straight ahead is something else. The palms on either side of them frame the image perfectly.

4. Greek islands:

Greek islands tend to be built on hills. Their streets wind around, like a cobblestone maze. While not ideal for cars, they are well suited to Vespas or even horses. There are few better ways to explore the islands than on the back of a scooter or horse. You'll be high enough to see over the street walls and onto the horizon of white homes with blue shutters and a sea of greenery overtop.

5. Country fields:

When the day ends and the evening comes, these adventurers like to listen to live music, enjoy a cold beer, some food and friends. Field parties, tents, sound systems, and chilling out under a tree is a night to look forward to.

Whether in the water or looking at it, adventure is part of every day for those who seek it.

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