Sunshine Coast Holiday - Don't Forget Safety in the Water  

by Pool Builders on 10-20-2009 in Articles

Once again the Sunshine Coast is bathing in sunshine with hundreds of families planning their next beach holiday. Of course there's an endless amount of opportunities for fun activities for the whole family, whether it's building sand castles on the beach, or taking part in water sports. However, nobody wants their Sunshine Coast holiday to end in tragedy, so whatever you do, please take care of yourself and your family whenever you're at the beach or enjoying yourselves around the pool.

Remember, lifeguards don't sit around on the beaches just for the sake of it. It is always advisable to swim on beaches which have lifeguards on patrol, particularly if you and your family are all going to go into the water at the same time. Lifeguards are not only there to keep a lookout for people getting into trouble in the water, but they're also able to provide first aid should the need arise. Above all, you need to bear in mind that even the most competent swimmers can still find themselves in trouble due to strong currents, backwash, and even because of certain water sports which may be taking place.

It simply cannot be denied that the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia is a fantastic family destination, not only because there's so much to do for grownups and children alike, but there's also plenty of accommodation available to suit all tastes and budgets. Most Sunshine Coast accommodation can offer you a variety of room sizes, onsite facilities, and of course beautiful swimming pools so that you can enjoy swimming either at the beach or at your hotel.

Babies and young children of course should never be left unsupervised near a swimming pool or even at the water's edge on the beach. Remember, it doesn't take long for an accident to happen and you had only need turn your back for a minute and your child could end up falling in the water, or jumping into the deep end. Whenever you're lounging around the pool you should always abide by the rules, and of course, you need to let your children know that the rules apply to them as well.

Just as you shouldn't swim at a beach if there's no lifeguard present, you should also avoid swimming in pools where there's no lifeguard. In fact, even if you're using a swimming pool, you may want to consider nominating one adult to oversee the kids while they play about in the water. Of course, this is even more important if the swimming pool is very busy as it may be difficult for a lifeguard to immediately notice whether someone is in trouble not. Fortunately, lifeguards aren't only there to pull someone out the water if they're in trouble, but they'll also caution anyone who's found to be acting irresponsibly.

Practically all Sunshine Coast accommodation has swimming pools for their guests to enjoy during their stay but, whatever you do, please ensure that poolside safety is a top priority. Furthermore, because there's a strong possibility that your accommodation will be in close proximity to a beach, river, or lake, it's just as important to exercise the same amount of caution when venturing out.

While it's obviously not necessary to wear protective footwear when you're swimming in a pool, you should always do so if you're swimming somewhere where you cannot see the bottom. Remember there could be sharp rocks, bits of glass, or even broken bottles below the surface which could of course inflict a nasty injury. Whenever possible, you should only go swimming with someone else, and ideally, at least one of you should have a cell phone nearby so that you can call for help should the need arise. Furthermore, if you and your family decide to go on a boat trip you should always make sure that everyone is wearing a life jacket, irrespective of how calm the water may be.

Why not soak up the sun during the holidays by visiting the Sunshine Coast and enjoying a fantastic Sunshine Coast holiday, as you spend your days relaxing on beautiful sandy beaches. With plenty of Sunshine Coast accommodation on offer, you and your family can have the time of your life, but please just make sure that you go home at the end of your holiday in one piece.

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