Supervision Is the Key to Safety

by Pool Builders on 07-07-2011 in Articles

Swimming pool owners in Australia that have inherited their pools over rent or newly constructed ones are now ordered to follow safety regulations as it is required by the Qld Government to be a part of the Queensland Legislation.

Accidents can happen anytime especially in recreational areas where there are unsupervised children playing around- most especially swimming pools. Whether it is a residential or a commercial pool, the cement surrounding it is always slippery or if not, water is always attractive to children and pets which is why many of them fall into the water because they get too near.

Children, pets and swimming pools may sound like fun when they're all together. However, never leave your child and pet near it because little children do not know the hazards surrounding them. Pets and children love to explore and discover new things and will never understand the consequences if they do something. That is why as responsible pool owners and parents, you have to keep an eye on your little ones and make sure they do not wander alone in the pool area. If you happen to be busy to supervise them, ensure that the perimeter is guarded and your swimming pool fences locked from their reach so they cannot go to where the pool is located.

Swimming pool fences can be wood, metal or glass. Whichever you prefer, make certain that its height is high enough that children and pets cannot reach it. There are also automatic closing fences that have a built in alarm system so no unwanted guests can enter as it will immediately put off a sound when an intruder enters to be in the pool. Most importantly, the safety latch should be on the side where the swimming pool is.

Do not be too confident and rely on your child's swimming lessons and let him roam around the pool area alone. When still in doubt of your little kids' skill, let him wear a life jacket or floaters just to be sure so accidents can be avoided. This applies to pool parties too, discuss with the parents if they will be left alone with you about their swimming skills. Leave floating devices around the area so it can easily be accessed by whoever wants to go in to swim.

Accidents cannot be predicted, but they can be prevented if you follow the proper safety standards so everyone can enjoy swimming pool activities safely.

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