Surprising New Developments in Pool Slides  

by Pool Builders on 02-26-2009 in Articles

Remember when you were a kid? Most peoples pools had diving boards but now and again someones pool had a slide on it and it sure was fun. Also, the great thing about pool, slides is that they are typically set up at the shallow end of a pool, so even the youngest kids can have the time of their life whizzing down it.

New Changes in Pool Slides

The good news is that pool slide manufacturers finally started to make great pool slides that are far more affordable and so much easier to install. Also, there is now a large assortment of lower slung pool slides such as the Zoomerang that don't have the kids climbing up so high.

New Inflatable Pool Slides

The real surprise comes in all of the new inflatable pool slides that you blow up like a big inflatable toy. These are very big and very sturdy though and kids just love them because they are big soft and squishy. There are even inflatable "island" pool slides that float out in the pool.

Great Deals on Todays Pool Slides

Cost is another huge benefit of these new inflatable pool slides. In fact, the prices are so reasonable that you can pick up a nice one the inflates in minutes and sits at the edge of the pool for about $100. Even so, the prices on permanent, solid pool slides have also come down so low that you can even find one new for about $500.

Something to Think About

If you have or are planning on having an above ground vinyl lined pool installed at your place and plan on bringing one of the inflatable pool slides into the picture then you will definitely need a large enough pool deck for it to sit on.

Prefabricated Swimming Pool Decks

If this is your case then take a moment to have good look at all of the new choices that there are now in easy to build prefabricated pool decks. Everything that you need comes complete in one big kit and you don't even need a saw to put one together.

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