Survival Tips For Summertime Living  

by Pool Builders on 05-19-2011 in Articles

Each season of the year presents its own circumstances that require getting prepared for weather and resulting temperatures. Summertime allows people to get outdoor and enjoy activities which may have the risk of heat stroke. With a little planning, there are some things a person can do which will help them remain more comfortable.

Plan the household diet using light foods. Meals that are high in carbohydrates make a better dietary choice for winter than the hot weather months. Try to serve only fruits and vegetables, and easier to digest meats such as fish and poultry. Any foods that are digested quickly will help keep body temperature down.

Wear suitable clothing that helps to evaporate perspiration. Light weight cotton clothing helps to absorb perspiration, and allows better air flow to help keep you cooled down. Avoid wearing polyester blends and thick weaves because they do not let the body heat out as well as cotton or muslin.

Replace hot beverages with liquids that are better with ice. Hot beverages, including coffee, tea and hot chocolate, can increase the internal body temperature and cause a person to feel uncomfortably warm. Try replacing these beverages with cold drinks that are served with ice. Some frozen fruit drinks could be a good choice since they also have Vitamin C.

Use small fans to keep the room air stirred. Get some small fans that are about 4 to 6 inches in diameter to locate nearby for keeping the air circulated throughout the room. A fan sitting on top of your desk can help evaporate perspiration and result in making you feel cooler. It can also help to have a damp wash cloth to wipe your face and arms.

Make good use of a full sized swimming pool. Some homeowners have a pool in their backyard and can easily take a swim anytime they wish. For those who are not this lucky, find a good health club where your membership includes the use of an Olympic sized pool. Be sure to take enough sunscreen with you, and have a friend or family member help in applying it often.

Lower air conditioning cost by having the unit inspected and serviced as early in the season as possible. Some insects like Dirt Daubers can build nests which could interfere with the efficiency of the fan, and even result in burning out the unit. The newer versions of freon gas may also need to be exchanged to provide maximum cooling effect.

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