Sustaining and Maintaining Your Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 11-25-2012 in Articles

Swimming pools are perceived to be water guzzlers by most of those owning them; however, this is not true. It serves recreational purposes in our homes. It is obvious that many people owning swimming pools are looking for means of making them more attractive without exceeding their budget. On the other hand each individual has a specific reason for changing the face of his or her pool. Some just get bored with the blank concrete and want to get colourful tiles or some want to get a better landscape surrounding their swimming pool. Design changes can also renew an interest in swimming.

If your pool has served the family for long and its age has started to show up, it is perhaps time for you to start repairing it or else it will get an ugly look. When you note that your pool is having faded materials, worn out surfaces, and frequent cracks then it is definitely high time for you to start renovating it. Before you begin to renew your pool you should first of all decide what you need throughout the renovation process. Making your list will enable you to know exactly what you desire and whatever you intend to spend. For example you may require having a new interior pool finish that involves pebble and plaster, or a new water line tile, so you must prioritize since adequate funds are needed.

As pool renovation is one way of maintaining it, the next you are supposed to do is carrying out a thorough research from either your friends or neighbors who have renovated their pools before. This will enable you to know the best way of repairing your pool and making it more durable. You can also consult experts from various pool companies just to decide on what you want to bid on your project. Getting the best renovator will help you save your money and frequent damages of the pool.

For a great start, several activities have to be done once the important details are finished by the experts you consulted. After draining the pool and inspections carried out by your chosen experts now you can begin to remove the old linings such as tiles, pavers, and marble sheen. This creates a simple way to renew the swimming pool. Other several processes include the new pavers being laid on the pool coping, waterline tiles are also laid down, damages such as leaks and rust in concrete shell should be fixed and new lights should be fitted as the old ones are removed. All of these are standard measures of starting to rebuild your pool.

Additionally, when all of the above has been done, what follows next is to install any extra thing that is remaining for instance heating provisions, new swim benches or steps, automated pool cleaners together with heating provisions. Preparation, of the concrete shells to be used as the new interior, and followed by its installation; the interior should be cleaned with an acid and refilled later.

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