Swim Classes for Very Young Children Can Be an Important Means of Reducing Risk to Their Health and Safety  

by Pool Builders on 08-21-2012 in Articles

Many parents want to give their baby swimming lessons, but feel a little apprehensive about just how useful they will be for someone so young and whether it's a wise investment in the cost and time to take them to classes.These are valid questions at a time when everyone is watching how they spend their money, but rest assured, exposing your baby to a water safety class for babies will be not only a great investment financially, you and your baby will have fun together.
Once you have started classes with your baby or toddler you will soon see the value in them. The peace of mind you gain from knowing your baby is learning a potentially lifesaving skill is a feeling that continues beyond baby hood and throughout their childhood.

Don't Panic

Classes that are specially designed for young babies are focused on helping your baby enjoy water and not be frightened of it. Panic is a major contributing factor to death by drowning. Baby classes focus on teaching a child to feel comfortable in water and with their heads above and below the water surface. Whilst they are not intended to teach a child to swim or to be water safe, they help both parents and babies learn how to reduce the risks when around water.

Be Prepared

Classes teach parents how to be vigilant with their children around water hazards, whether on the farm, around ponds at the park, during a bath and near backyard pool. Many classes also teach parents cardio resuscitation skills, making the sessions useful not only for babies, but for their parents as well.

Reducing Risk

As parents, we often worry about not literally having "eyes in the back of our head", especially when our children are very young. We are more than aware that it takes only a split second for an accident to happen. Accidents are often preventable, but sometimes no matter how careful or vigilant we might be, that split second of inattention happens to all parents at some stage. Enrolling your child in a water safety class may not stop the accident occurring, but it may prevent it being more serious than it otherwise could be.

We use baby seats in cars to minimise the risk of serious injury in the event of a car accident and we place locks on cupboard doors to prevent little fingers accessing drugs and other dangerous chemicals. Baby swimming lessons are a fun and important means of reducing the risk water poses to your child.

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