Swim Competition Equipment Basics - Know What is Needed!

by Pool Builders on 04-12-2010 in Articles

Let's face it-Olympians are not the only ones needing the right stuff in order to compete in a swim meet. And as a parent, this may never have crossed the mind, but swim clubs and pools all over the country need to have the proper paraphernalia when hosting practices and meets. Due diligence will reveal what is needed, where it can be found and what is the best price.

To begin, lane demarcation will need to be determined. Racing line cables can be found in a variety of lengths, for example, a 25 meter pool versus a 50 meter pool, and in different tensile strengths. For those wanting to use ropes and floats, these can also be purchased from a large selection and even color choices. Pre-strung back stroke flags make for an enticing, colorful space but also serve a necessary purpose with their placement. Different lengths are also available in these. Proper swim competition equipment can help swim clubs and organizations operate more safely and efficiently.

Time clocks are very convenient for not only practices but swim classes and aerobics. There are some that wall mount and some that are free standing. Some run off batteries and others plug into an outlet. A personal, waterproof time clock can be helpful to individual athletes. Superior quality timing equipment for meets including touch pads, scoreboards and computer programs is found online with many custom options. When only thousandths of a second can separate between 1st and 2nd place, it is important to be accurate.

Starting blocks and starting block covers (placed when blocks are not in use to prevent accidents) are essential as well. The blocks can be heavy to ship, but once they are in place, rarely need to be replaced. And once the swimmer is up on the blocks, a quality speaker/sound system or horn start system and tripod is needed to let the swimmers know when to be "on your mark," when to "stand," and when to GO!

Pool and aquatic program managers will find great resources and selection in the area of swim competition equipment online. The challenge is to assemble the list and DIVE right in!

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