Swim Faster With The Correct Swim Wear

by Pool Builders on 08-31-2010 in Articles

Nowadays swimmers had been able to swim faster with the correct swim wear because of the advancement of technologies. You can enjoy those advantages as well by just choosing the right swimsuit and goggles.

In the old days the main purpose of swimsuit was mainly for fashion wear but thanks to technology having those advance swimsuits can actually makes you swim faster. It all started by Speedo's LZR Racer swimsuit during the 2008 Olympics where 23 out of 25 world record was broken thanks to swimmers wearing that swimsuit. It gives so much unfair advantage that swimmers without similar swim wear don't stand a chance in the competition.

These performance enhancement swimsuits are made by material called Elastane-nylon and polyurethane. Those materials help the body to be in a more hydrodynamic position and greatly reduce drag in the water, enabling the swimmer to swim faster than usual. Since the Olympics more and more advance swimsuit had been develop and further surpass the LZR Racer swimsuit.

Unfortunately these swimsuits had been recently banned from international swimming competition because the advantage it gives is too great. But keep an eye on this event because the ban has not clearly defined what type of allowable materials in the swimsuit. After all rules are always changing.

Another benefit of wearing swimsuit is that it helps you to keep your body warm when swimming in cold temperature water. This is a great advantage for anyone that is doing open water swimming because the temperature in the sea or lake is usually much colder compare to the swimming pool. If you are doing Triathlon swimming a swimsuit is surely a must.

A good goggle is another vital swim wear that can help you boost your swimming performance. Although it does not gives you the performance anywhere near a swimsuit but it stills helps in one way or another. The main objective of a goggle is to protect your eyes from water and still gives you the comfort wearing it. To find a good goggle it is important to check the rubber covering your eyes. A good rubber is a one that fits around your eyes perfectly without you feeling something is stuck there.

If you have short sighted vision and can't live without glasses, you might want to consider wearing prescription swim goggles. They are like normal goggles but with vision strength like your glasses. You could wear contact lances with your standard goggles together but it is not as comfortable as just needing to wear a goggle alone.

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