Swim For a Great Body  

by Pool Builders on 08-19-2013 in Articles

Are you looking to make a splash this year with the best body ever? Well, if your answer is yes, read on.

Regardless of your age and fitness level, swimming is a fantastic way to get fit, toned and lose weight. For most people, swimming is also a stress-busting activity. Water can be a refreshing way to meet your health & fitness objectives.

Here are the 5 top tips for making a splash for fit body:

Technique: A good kick is important. Try to streamline your body position using your feet as your engine. It is essential to have a good technique to swim efficiently. Pay attention to the quality of your training, instead of time in the water. Swimming is a great work-out without even realizing it.

Comfort: Select goggles that sit comfortably in the eye area and also stay there for a few seconds without the strap, a swim cap white might not be too fancy but protects your hair and keeps them away from your face, and finally a swimsuit that fits you perfectly, and is extremely comfortable. These days most brands make chlorine resistant fabrics. Hive Swimwear is one brand that makes great swimsuits and their fabric quality is good value for price. Other popular brands are Speedo, Betty Designs, etc.

Swim with a purpose: Make a splash with a plan or goal. Note down the training time and duration for the day and try to beat your best score the next time.
15-minutes quick dip: If you do not have much time then doing just a 15 minutes quick dip is more than enough. If you accompany your children to their swimming classes then jump in the adult's pool for a quick dip while their training lessons are on.

Friends: Have a friend to join you in your training session so that you both can follow the training program together. Swimming together with a friend makes this activity even more fun. If you do not fancy swimming with a friend or need some time to yourself in the pool, then nothing can beat the relieving power of the water. Breathe and enjoy the feeling.

Benefits of swimming for health:

- Enhances the condition of your heart as a muscle
- Tones your legs, arms, thighs, and abs.
- Expands lung capacity and encourages full breathing. Great for people suffering from asthma.
- Reduces weight-bearing stress on joints
- Burns excess fat in your body

If you're a regular swimmer and not seeing any results in terms of weight loss, enhances fitness, or toning then bring some changes in your training session. Mix up various strokes, or change the tempo. All these elements together will create a great training session.

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