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by Pool Builders on 05-01-2011 in Articles

Sunny days are fast approaching and what could be more productive than learning how to swim. Places everywhere are offering swim lessons, and some even offer promo rates. Swimming is one of the most useful skills that can be used in one's entire life since it is actually a survival skill.

In places like Austin where waterways, lakes and pools are abundant, swimming is a very handy skill to learn. Not only one could have a useful skill, swimming can let one explore these aquatic places without anxiety, as one knows that he wouldn't drown because he knows how to swim. In the United States, drowning is one of the major causes of deaths in children.

Swimming can actually be learned by children as young as six months and adults as old as 65 years old. Swimming only depends on one's willingness to learn. This willingness is also dependent on the comfort of the students that are in the pools. When choosing a swim school, note the pools. Are they indoors or outdoors? Where do they conduct their swim lessons?

Generally, indoor pools are more advised when one has just started to learn. Indoor pools have environments that can be controlled, unlike the outdoor pools that are dependent on the weather for the conditions of the pool. Ideal temperatures are maintained in indoor pools and this promotes comfort in the student who uses the pool.

Comfort is very important when learning swimming. Comfort can actually be detrimental in determining success when learning swimming because if the child is not comfortable with the environment when she is learning how to swim, she would be easily distracted. That is why checking out a swim school personally is important.

There are other benefits of swimming apart from it being a survival skill. First, it is a very useful exercise tool. It works all of the important muscle groups in the body, making the swimmer fit. It also builds one's strength and endurance as well as lung power. It is actually one of the most prescribed exercises for asthmatics. Swimming also helps in people who have joint problems since this kind of exercise is not weight bearing and therefore, easy on the joints. It also works out the cardiovascular system of the swimmer.

It also helps when one wants to maintain the figure because it can burn as much as 8 calories per minute, depending on the stroke used. This promises a lean physique throughout the body as the whole body is involved when doing the exercise. And like any exercise, swimming clears the skin because the pores breathe easily. This makes the skin devoid of skin blemishes like pimples and acne.

Swimming is also a good way for people to train their own time management skills, training themselves under the pressure of speed. Swimming is also a good way to bond with friends and co-workers, because hanging out in pools can be so much fun.

So how does one learn to swim? Easy; just look for a sign that offers swim lessons and sign up. Then be prepared to earn the lifetime benefits of swimming.

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