Swim Nappies For Infants And Little Ones  

by Pool Builders on 10-25-2010 in Articles

Swim Nappies, also known as swim diapers or swimmies, are a special type of absorbing undergarment made for toddlers. Many public swimming baths now require that infants or toddlers wear some form of absorbent undergarment if the child is not toilet trained, so having a package on hand when visiting a public pool is a good idea. Using swim nappies at the beach is a good idea, since it provides the child with an added sense of security. He or she can worry less about having a mishap and more about swimming and enjoying themselves.

A regular nappy is made primarily of absorbent materials that expands as it absorbs liquid. Material in a swim nappy acts a lot more like a standard undergarment, allowing some liquid to pass through the material while capturing larger particles.

Another difference between swim nappies and regular nappies is the fact that swim nappies come in smaller packages, which is probably a good thing because it is unlikely that parents need as many of these special nappies as they do regular nappies.

swim nappies are a bit more expensive than regular nappies. The difference in cost is comparable to the difference between a basic nappy and an overnight nappy or training pant. Any specialized nappy product will cost more. However, swim nappies often go on sale, and can be found at discounted rates on a few sites, and experience reduced prices in non-summer seasons (however some stores do not maintain inventory outside of summer season).

Parents wanting to save money might also look for reusable swim nappies. As well as saving money over the long run, these nappies will be more comfortable (the fabric is more like a normal swimsuit). Environmentally-conscious parents might also appreciate the reduced carbon footprint associated with a the reusable version.

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