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Swim spas are fairly new developments that combine all of the great health and relaxation benefits of a hot tub with an exercise platform, as well as a great way for the entire family to have fun. Pools are great from some families, but they take a lot of space. A large pool can provide the surface area to exercise but still not enough room to really swim in an average backyard, and they do not have the soothing benefits of a hot tub. A swim spa has it all, and it fits in almost any setting.

With a swim spa, you get the function of a hot tub and the ability to swim and do water aerobic workouts in as little as 14 feet of space. The exterior of a swim spa is attractive and makes a great entertainment center for parties and family gatherings. They can be set above or in-ground and even fit on a large patio. A swim spa has an added advantage over pools in that they are very easy to keep clean, and some models even come with self-cleaning attributes that cycle 100% of the water every 15 minutes.

With a wealth of information now regarding the benefits of exercise and the need to get healthier, the swim spa give families a complete way to get in shape. The level of power is easily set to accommodate users of all levels, even down to the youngest children who are just learning to swim or move in the water. With a swim spa, jet propulsion creates a current that allows users to swim in one place so they get the great aerobic and muscle training swimming provides without chancing injury to their joints and muscles the way other exercise options may.

The layout of a swim spa is different from a traditional hot tub. While there are still several molded seat areas for users to enjoy the benefits of warm water massage from the jets, there is also a lot of floor space that gives kids a place to play and adults a place to do spot aerobics. Swim spas are also deeper allowing users to get full-body buoyancy even in upright exercises where a shallow hot tub would not.

In a swim spa the jets are located on one side. This creates the current that pushes to the opposite end, and lets users swim in place. It also has the added benefit of giving kids a place to enjoy the water outside of the jets for play time. The insulation of a swim spa lets it maintain its heat longer and cuts the cost of operation while letting users enjoy the soothing benefits of hot tub water when desired.

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Swim Spas Sale Portland, OR

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