Swim Spas: The Smart Way to Combine Fitness and Relaxation at Home  

by Pool Builders on 01-13-2013 in Articles

Home spas have entered a new, highly sophisticated and health focused era with the advent of swim spas or all-weather spas. Combining the exercise benefits of a regular swimming pool with the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of a traditional hot tub, swim spas provide year-round fitness, recreation and restorative benefits without ever having to leave the house.

Swim spas offer a range of practical benefits that offer homeowners the opportunity to enjoy an indoor or outdoor aquatic gym and rehabilitation center. Following are some of the advantages of a high quality fitness all-weather spa.

1. Exercise
A number of options that enhance exercise are available with swim spas. The most common hydrotherapy feature is a jet propulsion system that creates an adjustable current to swim against. The current creates resistance so that you engage in all the motions of swimming at a pace that matches your level of fitness but while staying in one place. Swimming against the continuous current offers an aerobic-type of exercise that benefits your entire body as opposed to joint jarring effects of other exercise methods such as jogging. Another alternative is the addition of resistance bands that can facilitate various different types of exercises in addition to traditional swimming strokes such as rowing. Similarly, water running and other resistant type exercises using props are easy to do the all-weather spas. Water workouts are known for improving muscle tone, flexibility and overall health.

2. Relaxation
Follow up your workout or day of work while enjoying the hot tub features of your spa. Just sit back and feel the relaxing pulse of massage jets strategically located to hit common areas where aches and pains reside.

3. Recreation
Because of the ease associated with heating an all-weather spa, it is perfect for year round use and offers a fun recreational environment for the whole family. These spas are also big enough to invite friends over to enjoy a pool party. 4. Affordability
Swim Spas offer a much more affordable alternative than a swimming pool. Based on a variety of size options and added amenities, a swim spa generally saves homeowners around 50% of the cost of a swimming pool. Since these spas require fewer chemicals, use less water, and there is less water to heat, maintenance costs are significantly less than a regular pool.

5. Space
A full-size swimming pool requires a large area for installation. Swim spas are significantly smaller and offer the option of combing both a swimming end with the features of a hot tub in one unit. Because of their relatively small size, all-weather spas can be placed indoors or in the back yard on a flat piece of ground. Features such as a pool deck or landscaping add to the enjoyment of the spa.6. Maintenance
All-weather spas require much less regular maintenance than regular swimming pools. Chemicals are still required but the amount is significantly smaller than that required by a full size pool. When selecting a swim spa, make sure you select a brand that allows easy access to pumps and other mechanical devices as well as coming with sufficient warranties.

7. Installation
Forget about excavation with a swim spa. They arrive pre-assembled for placement on a flat surface. You can install it yourself or with the assistance of a plumber.

8.Home Value
Because of all the added benefits of a swim spa without the maintenance and energy costs of a regular pool, an all-weather spa will likely add to the value of your home.

In conclusion, the dual advantages of swim spas that combine water fitness and therapeutic relaxation can turn your home into your own private spa resort. When you make your purchase, a large variety of options such as stereo systems, lighting, number of jets, and more will provide you with the best combination possible to meet your unique needs.

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