Swim Spas and Pool Kits - Fun on a Budget  

by Pool Builders on 08-17-2011 in Articles

There is no question that purchasing both a pool and a spa can be expensive, especially when installation fees are included. Pool kits are a cost-effective option for anyone who wishes to have a pool. These are do-it-yourself kits that allow private citizens to install an in ground or above ground pool themselves and save money in the process by not having to pay someone else to put it in. Swim spas are a combination pool and spa, and the spa equipment can be purchased in a pool kit. They can be installed in ground or above ground as well.

Pool kits are available in indoor and outdoor versions, both of which can be kept as regular pools converted into swim spas. Converting a pool into a spa is more productive than purchasing a separate spa, and it includes the best of both worlds. A swim spa has a current that is adjustable based on a swimmer's fitness level and expertise, allowing them to swim in place. This is a benefit to individuals who do not have a great deal of space available for a large pool. The typical size of a swim spa is about fourteen or fifteen feet long and six or seven feet wide. They are usually between three and six feet deep.

Swim spas are ideal for activities like water aerobics and stationary jogging, but they have other uses besides exercise. They can lend themselves to family fun time, or can be used for one person to enjoy some private relaxation. The current can also be turned off to let the user take pleasure in some fun freestyle swimming. Once they are assembled, pool kits can provide entertainment in similar ways. Pools are a great place for unwinding on a float or spending time playing with the family. They can also make parties a fun experience in the summertime.

Consumers should pay close attention to the instructions that come with pool kits. Following the directions closely will help ensure the safety of the pool once it is assembled. A swim spa must also be installed carefully. It is important to use the right tools to guarantee a correct installation. In-ground swim spas may also require hiring a qualified contractor to make sure the ground is level and ready for the swim spa to be put in place. This will raise the cost a bit, but installation will be smoother and cost less in the long run if everything is in order beforehand.

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