Swim-Tech Arm Bands - Lose Weight and Increase Confidence in the Water

by Pool Builders on 11-01-2011 in Articles

When you say to a child, "lets go for a swim", you think of cool water and a nice break in your daily routine. All parents are trying to find ways of keeping their children active and outside. Childhood obesity is prevalent in many countries as children seem to eat more and exercise less. As a parent, I needed to find ways of keeping my children exercising, without them becoming bored. Attempting any kind of new sport, especially a life saver like swimming, can be intimidating. When I found a way to overcome this for my children, I wanted to share it with others.

Swimming is a great sport for all children. We expose our children to beaches, pools, lakes and rivers regularly as water is a great holiday past time. Almost every brochure, picture or holiday website you see will depict people having a great time, in the water. Some people are lucky enough to have a pool or be exposed to water on a regular basis. This means that we all need to enjoy the water and find ways of keeping active in it. It is reassuring for any parent to know that their child feels comfortable in themselves when swimming and comfortable in the water environment. To go to these places, it is important to know that your family has grasped the benefits of swimming. Children enjoy activity so giving them a chance to excel in this sport, must start with the process of learning to swim safely.

Swim-Tech created a set of 'learn to swim aids', which my children use when learning to swim and when active in the water with friends. They are called Swim-Tech Arm Bands. The bands are made of colourful foam and attach to the child's arms, helping them to keep afloat, in the water.

The Swim-Tech Arm Bands are soft on the skin and they do not impede the child's natural swimming motion. They increase confidence in a child ability to be independent in the water. This keeps a child swimming for longer and burning energy. This exercising is fun, not laborious, a great strategy for a child who finds exercise problematic.

Swimming is great for any child. If a child is already obese, this sport reduces the risk of injury on their joints. The water takes the weight pressure off their body and allows them to work their muscles through low impact movements. If a child suffers from Asthma, swimming increases their lung capacity and can aid, in the reduction of their breathing difficulties.

I am glad to be aware of this system for swimming. I hope other parents and families see the benefits of swimming for their little ones, reducing their risk in the water and keeping sport fun!

Obesity is a problem for all of us so let's try and encourage our future generations to exercise.

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