Swim Tips - For Triathletes and Triathlons

by Pool Builders on 02-25-2010 in Articles

Everyone is nervous, raring to race and keen not to waste time. Although it is actually such a small part of the race, the swim section needs to be thought out and executed precisely. You will have to get to terra firma quickly but without wasting energy.


Your efforts in the final days before a race give you an idea of how fast you can swim. Keep yourself on the right pace and do not over-exert because of nerves. If the first 100m does not feel relaxed and easy, you've gone off too fast.


In pools, you overtake down the middle or tap the person in front on the foot and they (should) move over at the next turn. Don't waste energy fighting in the water - stay smooth and keep your race in mind.


To get the pacing right, count your lengths. It's your responsibility to know how far you have gone, even though lap counters will tell you when to get out. When they indicate two laps to go, think about where your bike is and the route you'll take to get to it.

Out of the pool

You will experience some dizziness as you go from horizontal to vertical. You may have to drop your swimming hat by the lap counter, but, whatever the format, falling over by running too fast at this point can cause injury and a DNF (Did Not Finish).

Did you know?

Each discipline has its own time or 'split' that the race organizers time. This may include transition times, or the swim, bike and run may be separate to your T1 and T2 times. Making comparisons between races may be hard when there is no set place to time you at and the distances and courses differ so much.

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