Swim Training For Triathlons - Make Your Swim Time Productive

by Pool Builders on 01-17-2011 in Articles

Many of us, when we under take our swim training for triathlons, do not put a lot of effort into it. We use the valuable time we have just swimming laps without much thought of any specific training to make improvements. Maybe it's time to look at what your goals are and see how you can make this time in the pool more productive.

To make your triathlon swim better, try focusing on improving your form and efficiency, and translate that into swimming faster. You will know if you have been swimming for some time now and you have not made any improvements, that you should try something new.

Don't worry about just swimming lots of easy laps just to get in the distance each time you train. Start to focus on speed, form and endurance.

Work some interval training into your workouts. You can do some intervals each day you workout or dedicate a day to them. The idea behind intervals is to swim faster so you can improve your speed and improve on your endurance. Do not swim so fast that you loose your form, you want to maintain as much efficiency as possible

It's good to swim for distance occasionally, the reason is to get used to distance. Maybe once a week spend time swimming as long as your time allows so you get the feel for long distance. Try to maintain a good pace but not a race pace.

Do some strength training a couple times per week. Improving your strength will not only help your swimming, it will carry over to the bike and run as well. Your schedule may already be full but try to do what you can.

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