Swim Wear That Gets A Bad Rap  

by Pool Builders on 10-23-2012 in Articles

Swim cap? Check. Nose plugs? Check. Tight fitting goggles? Check. Fashion sense? May be not so much. Admittedly, some swim accessories just aren't the most fashionable items to sport, whether in or out of the water. Caps give dreaded helmet hair, goggles can produce unsightly raccoon eyes, and nose plugs have never come close to being a hit on the runway. But unlike the monotone colors and uninspired designs that used to grace swim gear, there is new, colorful and well designed hope in sight. Check out some of the fun and funky accessories below to see how they can help transform your lap swim to a walk - er, swim - down the catwalk.

Swim Cap
When putting together your swim gear outfit, start at the top and work your way down. A swim cap is a necessity for any serious swimmer. It not only helps hold hair back, but it also decreases drag and speeds up your split time. If you're looking to spice up your style in the pool, don't settle for a plain and boring cap. Instead, choose a style that's sure to attract some attention. Speedo offers a wide variety of eye-catching Silicone caps screen printed with bright, abstract designs. Choose something more feminine, like the Butterfly Ink cap with its swirling pink and blue design. Or throw a little retro fashion into the mix by sporting the Speedo Bubble Cap, a sleek updated version of the swim caps that were all the rage in the 1950s and 60s.

Nose Clips
Often mocked, although highly necessary in some rigorous water sports, nose clips have never been the most fashionable swim gear product. And while it's nearly impossible to hide the fact that you're wearing a clip, there's no reason that you can't embrace the gear and wear it with confidence. After all, it's saving you from getting one of those dreaded water-up-the-nose headaches. To feel more at ease wearing the gear, pick a nose clip with a low profile. The closer it sits to the nose, the less bulky and noticeable the product will appear. Speedo's Profile Nose Clip is flexible, lightweight and designed to be ultra low profile.

Let's face it. Goggles look good on, well, just about nobody. Their ultra-tight, waterproof seal leaves your eyes looking less than desirable. To avoid those dreaded raccoon eyes and to find a goggle that will actually compliment your face frame, look for a pair that's specifically designed with your face frame in mind. Take the Aqua Sphere Kaiman Lady goggle. The pair not only maximizes underwater clarity, but it's also specifically designed with a female swimmer's face shape in mind. It will better hug the curves of your face resulting in a more attractive look while wearing the pair. It's flexible and supple Softeril gasket will provide a leak free swim and help you avoid raccoon eyes after leaving the pool.

No matter what you wear, remember to always wear it with confidence! Give a little attitude at the pool and you'll be able to make a fashionable splash, even when sporting a lumpy swim cap or dorky nose clip.

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