Swim With the Greatest Marine Predators on St. Thomas Island  

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It is advised that if one is planning a trip to the US Virgin Islands, then they must visit all the three islands of St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix. A regular public charter ferry operates on these islands and connects them conveniently. A stay at St. Thomas is preferred by the vacationers as it has some of the best and luxurious all inclusive hotels and resorts, such as - Bolongo Bay Beach Resort & Sugar Bay Resort and Spa. Vacationers often book St. Thomas Airport Transfers along with the accommodation and ground transfers, as in such cases one can enjoy the benefit of an considerable discount on the package.

The easy availability of bikes on the island at a very low rental is enjoyed thoroughly by the couples, who love to plan their day as per their mood and desire. Other than the St. Thomas Tours some of the enchanting places to visit on the island of St. Thomas which would certainly leave one with life time memories are:

Mangrove Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary and Marine Preserve - Located on the southern coast of the island, it is a well protected sanctuary which serves as an area of exceptional beauty in its natural form. One can enjoy the scenic contrasts of shallow clear waters, salt ponds, manglar islands, rocky cliffs, sea grass beds and also the gorgeous panoramic ridge lines.

Acqua Marine Dive Centre - It is a 5 star Padi Dive centre. Here one would be taken for snorkeling, divind and explorinf the charismatic Caribbean waters. VIP Boat charters are also available where one can design their own day how they want to spend it - watching the coral reefs, enjoying the night dive or the turtle adventure. This is an activity for older children.

Magens bay - Magens bay, which is said to be a well protected white sand beach, stretches for about three quarters of a mile and is significant for its glittering white sand beach. It is still said to be the best place for duty free shopping - electronics, liquor and linen. One can, especially ladies, can also take pleasure in buying from the large collection of jewelry including a variety of display of gemstones too.

Drake's seat- is the historical point from where Sir Francis Drake used to keep an eye on the enemy ships. Charlotte Amalie is the first free trading port in the West Indies and one can enjot the scenic beauty of the view where the Atlantic Ocean joins the Caribbena Sea.

Swimming with Sharks and Coral World Ocean Park - This is one of the most thrilling place to spend your day,as one would get an opportunity to swim with the juvenile sharks in the Sharks Shallows. It is definitely a life time experience to watch the greatest marine predator circling the pool. The shark swim also includes an entry to the Coral World Ocean Park, where you would enjoy the Marine Gardens, where one can see the stunning views of hundreds of marine species in their unique habitats. One can gently handle the starfish, sea cucumbers, hermit crabs and other real sea creatures at the Touch Pool. An air conditioned Undersea Observatory Tower stands 100 feet off the shore. From the Undersea Observatory, one has a unique opportunity to stay out of water and watch the totally non-captive fish and other marine creatures in their natural habitat on the reef completely unaware of human presence. At Caribbean Reef Encounter, thousands of reef animals are housed and they experience daylight moonlight and rain exactly like other natural reef would experience. As we know that stingrays are Masters of disguise, it is interesting to spot the tip of their tail or an eye at the Stingray Lagoon. It is said that it is at the Coral World, where the green turtle were first introduced to water. The baby turtle is smaller than the palm of a hand which grows to weigh over hundren pounds. It is interesting to learn about the eating and nestling habits of these magnificent creatures in the Turtle Pool.

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