Swim Workout -Full Body Fat Burner  

by Pool Builders on 06-30-2011 in Articles

A swim workout is an amazing way to stay healthy and keep in shape for those who can't stand working out in the gym, going for a run, or sweating their butts off on a treadmill or elliptical trainer. Swimming works all the muscles in the body. Nothing is left out from head to toe. The intensity of your swim workout all depends on you. if you choose to swim a slower relaxed pace excellent. If you want to rip it up, perfect also. Swimming workouts are performed alone so it can be less intimidating that when working with a team. Each swimmer is racing themselves against the clock for their best times. Before starting your pool workout, each swimmer has to be equipped with the correct gear. This includes a swim suit (competitive style, not a beach wear), goggles, and an optional a cap and waterproof watch. Many swimmers like to keep track of their progress in a training log where they can put their best times, how they feel, technique reminders, and thoughts about their swim workout.

More on What Muscles you are working:
Every single one! Of course your entire body is working when you are swimming but lets break it down a little more for you to get an idea. Your upper back muscles spend tons of effort because it incorporates the movement of your shoulders, lats, traps, and deltoids. The triceps are working mostly during the exit part of your freestyle stroke. You core is consistently working because it stabilizes your body during the rotation of the stroke and keeps you balanced. This is typically why active swimmers have larger upper bodies and a slim and narrow waist, the coveted "V" shape. The hips, legs, and glutes deliver power through the kicking part of the stroke and propel you through the water.

A General Swim workout Plan [http://www.swimmingworkout.net/swim-workout-plan/]
Most swim workout plans are created in three sections. First section is the warm-up. The warm-up should last around 15-20 minutes. This is where you are waking your body up, getting the muscles stretched out, and increasing your circulation and heart rate. After the warm-up you generally move into the "Main Set" phase of the swim workout. This part can contain one giant set, multiple sets, or sets consisting of technique and workout pieces. The main set usually last about 45minutes. This is the part of the workout that you are very focused on technique and making sure you hit the correct send-off. The last part of a general workout is the recovery/cool-down. This last part is usually about 5 minutes and most people just do some light swimming and easy stretching. The remainder of swimmers cool-down is done in the showers.

Your Swim Workout
No matter if you are in a beginner swimming workout [http://www.swimmingworkout.net/beginner-swimming-workout/] or an advanced swimming workout [http://www.swimmingworkout.net/advanced-swimming-workout/] the basics are the same. Make sure you focus on your technique, listen to your body for any signs of overuse or over-training, and most of all...Have Fun!

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