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by Pool Builders on 09-17-2010 in Articles

Hitting the gym and shedding some extra pounds is on most of our to do list. However for many the idea of this is easier than actually getting to the gym. Swimming is a great way to tone up and lose that weight, from swimming in the sea to aqua aerobics the options are endless.

Aqua aerobics has been around for years, and for a good reason to. All that splashing around is lots of fun, plus it tones your muscles. Because you are supported by water, there is less stress on your knees and other joints which other exercises might put many pressure on. A one hour session of aqua aerobics will help you burn around 272 calories which is the equivalent to a regular chocolate bar.

Not only is aqua aerobics a great workout it wont break the bank either. Nearly all community pools and private swimming centers offer classes. Tried of the "classic" aqua aerobics? why not try variations such as aqua pilates which incorporates pilates moves in the water to build core strength or aqua cardio.

Going on vacation? make the most of the hotel swimming pool or the ocean. Set yourself a goal on how many lengths you want to swim and then try beat that goal with 5 more lengths. Swimming works almost every muscle in the body and is perfect for cardio exercise and toning.

If you have children instead of taking them to go swimming and you sit on the side watching, grab your bathing suit and get in the water with them, not only will they love this, you will be burning all those extra calories from splashing around with them. Try to make fun games like who can chase and catch each other by swimming the fastest, throw balls into the water and try dive down and get them, all the movement will all be burning those calories off.

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