Swim in the Largest Swimming Pool in the World  

by Pool Builders on 11-29-2009 in Articles

Did it seem to take forever to fill your family swimming pool? If so just think about filling the world's largest swimming pool. This gigantic pool is located in Chile and holds more than 65 million gallons of water. Fortunately the water is salt water provided from the ocean. The huge pool is more than 20 acres in size and varies in depth with the deepest part being 115 feet deep.

It may sound like a huge chore to keep this pool clean. The pool uses fresh seawater since it's located adjacent to the ocean. The pool uses a highly controlled filtration system that continuously filters the water. Water is drawn in from one end of the giant lagoon and pumps it back into the other side once it's been filtered. It operates in much the same way as your own backyard pool.

Indeed this is one of the cleanest pools you will find. In most areas of the pool you are able to see the bottom clearly. In the deepest parts you can sail using non-motorized boats. The world's largest swimming pool is part of a large resort called San Alfonso del Mar.

This giant pool is actually a lagoon and was designed and created by biochemist Fernando Fischmann. The pool uses some of the most sophisticated equipment and engineering ideas. Completion of building the pool took about 5 years and cost an estimated $1 billion dollars. It is actually a man-made lagoon of saltwater.

The pool was named the largest pool in the world by the Guiness Book of World Records. However other pools are in the design and construction phases which could take over the title. For example a 21 acre pool is in the works for the Egyptian coastal area of Sharm El Sheikh. The same designer was used for this pool. It is hard to consider just how large this pool is - you will be able to fit 6000 standard pools into it.

While the pool uses seawater it doesn't harm the water that is discarded and the fish and sea life aren't adversely affected. The sun heats the water making it almost 10 degrees warmer than the surrounding seawater. The pool costs about $2 million a year to maintain.

The pool is the focal point of the resort and is fast becoming a tourist attraction in its own right. The area is now a top tourist destination with many restaurants and shops located at the resort. This large pool offers something for everyone no matter their age or swimming ability. Children will enjoy the zero-depth area with beach. For more experienced swimmers there's plenty of room to swim and dive. The surrounding deck areas provide sunbathers with plenty of space.

As the world takes note of the success of this pool there will likely be many more built in the future. They are a unique attraction for the resort and provide a way to use the ocean as part of the resort experience. They are sure to be popping up in many oceanfront resort areas in the future.

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