Swim to Lose Weight

by Pool Builders on 05-06-2009 in Articles

Physical exercise is one of the key factors in succeeding to lose weight. The other being your diet. Losing weight is the natural outcome of an unbalanced energy budget. You need to take in less calories than you burn during the day. The most effective way for weight loss is to work on all sides of the calories budget. That means eat a bit less and do more physical exercise. If you do not feel in control over your diet try to seek the help of a specialist which can suggest you the best way to reduce your daily calories intake. For burning more calories instead just turn to your local swimming pool and you will be surprised.

Swimming is as effective as jogging in burning calories but swimming is better and safer for your body. During swimming or water aerobics exercises the water supports your body weight making the activity performed in the water very easy on your joints and ligaments. Physiological study have shown that depending on the kind of training routine you perform the amount of calories burned from fat may vary. It is usually believed that the optimal way for burning fat is a low intensity aerobic training lasting for more than 30-45 minutes. However, recent works have highlighted that high intensity interval training makes you burn the same amount of fat in less time. The best swimming training routine to burn fat is indeed high intensity interval training. Perform this kind of swimming routine three times a week and lower the calories daily intake of about 10% and you will gradually lose wight without having that terrible feeling of starvation. 

Increase your metabolism and burn even more fat

Swimming is some times considered not being the most efficient burning calories activity because of the lower increase in temperature your body goes through while training, and therefore the lower metabolic rate you keep after training when compared to some dry-land based activities. This  depends of course by the intensity of the training and can not be considered an objective statement. However, what some swimmers feel after having swam is a feeling of hanger which might push them to over-eat.

To overcome the problem is important to have an intelligent and well thought distribution of meals and snacks during the day and to keep hydrated during the training. It is advisable to have just a light snack before and after training, and keep the main daily calories intake at least two hour before or after the training. To increase further your basal metabolism it is possible to add one or two sessions a week of gym to your regular swimming training. A body with more muscle mass burns more calories at rest, therefore to increase the calories your body consumes, even when not training, it is useful to add some anaerobic gym workout to your fitness routine. All your effort to lose weight will be wasted if you do not follow up your swimming training with an healthy lifestyle outside the pool. 

Moderate your consumption of fat and sugar and increase the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits during the day. Use fruits for snacks and stay away from chocolate bars. Add more physical exercises every day, choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator for example, or walk to the local grocery store instead of taking the car and go swimming, you can find examples of swimming training designed to burn fat, including interval training, at effectivewaterfitness.com/4-weeks-swimming-workout/. Remember, losing weight start with a cultural shift. Change your mindset, increase your awareness and you can be sure you will see results.      

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