Swim to Slim - It's Easy

by Pool Builders on 10-28-2006 in Articles

The experts will tell you that swimming is the best all round exercise that a person can do. It's little wonder then why it's one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise going. You really can swim to slim as it's an excellent and accessible activity for anyone who wants to get fit and stay that way. So, if you're feeling a bit out of shape and want to tone up and feel good about yourself, keep it simple and start a swimming program today.

If you're an adult who can't swim, don't worry as most towns and cities have swimming classes for grown-ups so you'll be swimming like a fish in no time at all. Actually, that's not quite true as it can take a little time if you really are a novice, but the bottom line is that there are very few people that these instructors can't teach.

At mid forties, I got into the water for the first time and overdid my enthusiasm to a point where I felt physically sick at the end of the session. I was flapping and splashing around in the pool like a 3 year old, but the problem was I had another 40 years on a toddler of that age, and I had to lay on the bed for an hour before I had the strength to sit upright. Listen to the instructor and follow his instructions specifically, and you'll do just fine.

If you can swim but it's been a while, you too need to be careful not to overdo it in the beginning. Start off slowly and for short durations. It will only be a matter of a week or two before you're back into shape and then you can really start to swim to slim.

In order to see some great results from swimming, you would be best to spend say, 20 or 30 minutes in the pool, about 4 times a week. A little and often is not only good for moderation, but it will benefit the body better than say a half-day mad splash once a week. If you're swimming for fitness and weight loss you might want to set yourself some goals. Once you achieve your goals you can always aim for a more ambitious swim or just stick with what you're happy with.

One thing is certain, swimming is the best form of all-round exercise. For starters, it uses almost all of your major muscle groups and it gets your lungs and heart working a treat. It's also gentle exercise and it's particularly good for people with certain disabilities. Additionally, it's great for pregnant women and obese people. Although swimming exercise may not loose fat quite as fast as other forms of aerobic exercise, it's certainly a great and natural way to tone up and shape up. If you do a bit of swimming along with some other type of aerobic workout, you will be the local superman or woman, before you know it.

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