Swim to Your Fat Burning Goals

by Pool Builders on 11-11-2011 in Articles

Swimming to Burn Fat

Swimming is sometimes seen as a softer training option; maybe an activity undertaken for enjoyment rather than fitness, or an exercise option for the elderly. However, this need not be the case. Swimming is one of the best all round exercise options for health as well as weight loss. The following advice will show you that making just a few tweaks to your swimming routine can supercharge its fat burning potential.

Don't Always Swim at the Same Pace

If every time you go swimming, you perform the same stroke at the same pace, you're unlikely to reap the maximum benefits from your work out. Try swimming every other length at a faster pace than your regular speed, dropping to a slower pace on the remaining lengths so that your body can recover from the hard effort. This sort of format works on the principal of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) a practice used by top athletes from various disciplines to gain maximum fitness. As well as increasing your stamina rapidly, HIIT is also hugely beneficial to fat burning. Working at a higher intensity elevates your heart rate to a greater extent, allowing you to burn more calories and fat. You'll also benefit from a raised metabolic rate even after your workout has ended.

Vary your Stroke

You can optimise the effects of HIIT swimming further by varying your stroke. Try swimming your faster paced lengths front crawl, switching to breast stroke during your recovery. Using a more calorie intensive stroke for your effort sections will raise your heart rate further still, helping you to benefit from a much more intense workout. Further, it's worth remembering that by swimming different strokes you work a wider range of muscles so you should achieve a more complete toning effect. Varying your stroke also adds interest to your session making you a lot more likely to persevere with the exercise. Monotony can be the downfall of even the most committed athletes so try to keep things fresh with a range of strokes.

Try Aqua Jogging

If you do find yourself becoming tired of your tried and tested routine, swimming isn't your only option. Most pools have flotation belts available for public use, so take advantage of this and try some water running. This has been proven to provide a workout that is equally, if not more intense than running itself, so you can be sure that you'll burn calories and fat rapidly. It's also a great option for those wishing to reap the fitness and weight loss benefits of running without risking the associated injuries and damage to joints.

Start Swimming Today

Swimming is by no means a sedate form of exercise; it is in fact a fantastic option for fat burning and weight loss. As has been explained, by varying your routine and swimming smartly, you can really take advantage of these fat burning credentials.

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