Swimming 101: The Basics On How To Start Swimming

by Pool Builders on 04-11-2011 in Articles

Swimming is a great sport. It's fun and it even helps you to lose weight. Swimming is a great form of exercise. It can strengthen the muscles of your body and give you endurance. But not every one knows how to swim. With the summer season coming, what is the best and quickest way to learn how to swim?


1. Go to a swimming center. It is best to go there before going to the beach. Once you learn how to swim you can proceed to the beach and show off your new acquired skill.
2. Bring a friend with you. Preferably someone who knows how to swim.
3. Bring with you a life buoy or a floating jacket just in case. Our bodies are naturally buoyant but if you are not used to it, don't hesitate to wear a floating vest or hang onto a life buoy first.
4. Bring goggles and make use of them. This will help you once you try to dive into the water.
5. Swim in an area that is close to the lifeguard. This is for emergency purposes especially if you are a beginner.
6. Bounce around the water and establish confidence. The first step in learning to swim is to learn how to confident in the water. Bounce around and feel the water on your skin.
7. Get comfortable in the water. Ask your friend to help you float on the water. Tilt your head back and have your friend help you up. Have him/her hold your torso as you float in the water. Don't worry; we are much lighter in the water. You won't be giving your friend a hard time. You'll be as light as a feather.
8. Try floating by yourself. Have your friend slowly release you. Again, don't worry. Our bodies are naturally buoyant and your friend is there to help you if ever you fall. Also the life guard is there so don't fret. You'll find that floating on water is fun. It's also very relaxing.
9. Start kicking your legs. Try to propel yourself by kicking them gently. Have your friend hold your upper torso so you can properly kick them.
10. The next thing is to throw your hands in. Try doing some strokes. You can try the dog paddle. Simply put out your right arm and take it back then put out your left arm and take it back. Of course your legs have to be constantly kicking as you do this. The dog paddle is the easiest swimming technique. Master it first before learning another technique. This way you can track your progress.
11. Dedicate a day or two in a week to go to the swimming center. This will help you to learn faster. It may also help you lose a little bit of weight. You may bring your friend. But once you learn how to swim you may not feel the need to.

Get ready for the summer by learning how to swim. It's easy. Wow your friends and family at the beach this year.

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