Swimming - A Perfect Way to Exercise

by Pool Builders on 11-02-2008 in Articles

Swimming in a pool can be a perfect way to exercise. There are two types of pools you may choose to complete your exercises. You may use a full length lap pool or one of the small models where you swim against jets of water coming against you.

The most obvious benefit is to your heart. Swimming provides a great cardiovascular workout. Swimming caused your heart rate to go up similar to jogging or running. You increase your endurance and heart health while at the same time burning calories to help you stay trim.

Swimming is a good alternative to running because it greatly reduces your chance of getting hurt. Because of the low impact, there is no constant pounding on your joints. That means no aching feet, knees or back. You get all the fitness benefits without all the aches and pains.

Swimming can also provide a good strength training workout because of water resistance. It's the same principle as weight lifting. More athletes have decided to add swimming to there workout regimen.

If you go with a full length in ground lap pool, it can look very nice in your yard and even provide a space for entertaining. On the other hand, most above ground models are portable. If you move, you can take it with you. And both are much easier to clean and maintain, and they cost less to run than the traditional larger pool.

Swimming can give you a cardio and resistance workout all at once. Whether you install a pool or join a gym with a pool swimming is an exercise you should consider trying.

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