Swimming Along With Fiber Optic Components

by Pool Builders on 09-23-2010 in Articles

The power for the fiber optic components is placed in a distant and safe area from the pool and any area where there is water source. As a result, no power is being transmitted in the line only the light and same is true for the audio.

The good thing about them is that they do not only give light and good ambience, they also create magic especially at night with their magical colored lights. You can change the colors of the light depending on your mood or season. You can place them strategically around the swimming pool area in order to project a very dramatic ambience.

The generator is the one responsible in the transmission of light to the strand of each fiber. With the advent of modern technology, these pool lights have become more and more amazing by having bright lights not only at the tip but also on the sides creating a translucence effect thereabouts.

Your need of massive lights should be taken into consideration as not all generators can provide this. Choose the one that indulge multi-color lighting display options to meet your own unique preference. You can also use more than one generator and place them strategically in order to come up with interesting light dance.

Plan and implement your lighting and audio system in your pool very carefully and wisely because the equipment is not cheap; they come with a relatively expensive price tags in comparison with the old models of lighting. However, the huge amount you may want to spend is compensated with the various advantages gained, especially on the topic of safety.

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