Swimming Around Coral Gables, Florida

by Pool Builders on 09-06-2006 in Articles

Coral Gables (known simply as "Gables" to the natives) is a unique community - surrounded by the sprawl of Miami, it was originally conceived to be an answer to that sprawl - a planned city with plazas and fountains in the midst of attractive buildings inspired by Mediterranean architecture. It is full of upscale homes, upscale shopping, and other patrician attractions. Without a doubt, one of the most interesting attractions in this community is the Venetian Pool.

The Venetian Pool is, in essence, a swimming pool - though it may well be the only swimming pool on the national registry of historic places. It's also probably the only pool with a Spanish fountain, vine covered loggias, and waterfalls that spill into a lagoon, complete with coral rock caves. The now magnificent pool got its start rather humbly, as a quarry pit. Fed by an artesian well far under the pool, 800,000 gallons of fresh water are pumped into it everyday, and an enterprising artist named Denman Fink was able to turn it into the spectacular attraction that it is today. Generations of Miamians and Coral Gables-anites have learned to swim in and enjoyed the Venetian Pool. It is a fantastic place to go and relax in watery comfort, though unfortunately the pool is no longer a place where families can dispose of their loved one's final remains. No burial at sea.

For those who love swimming, the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables is the place to go in the Miami area. Naturally, it matches perfectly with a trip in a limousine from Millenium Limo. This would be an ideal scenario for such an excursion: a loved one has recently graduated from college, you, her family, wants to have a special get-together to celebrate this momentous occasion. A barbecue is planned, but you want....MORE. So what do you do? You rent a Millenium Limo, have the family pile inside, and enjoy the amazing Venetian Pool in Coral Gables. You can frolic in the fountains, enjoy the lagoon, and lounge by the side of the pool. All this activity will no doubt work up a mighty hunger, just in time for the barbecue. This is only one use for the Venetian Pool and Millenium Limo - imagine how many more there are...

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