Swimming As Exercise - Great Benefits For You

by Pool Builders on 11-09-2009 in Articles

Swimming as exercise can be greatly beneficial to you. Swimming works out your shoulders, chest, back, arms and legs, all in this one exercise. Swimming will help get your muscles lean, cut and stronger. The following swimming routine will help you achieve a great looking body.

Before you begin your swimming workout you must get a full stretch in. Stretch out your legs, arms, chest and back.

Your workout will begin with a warm-up swim. Perform a freestyle swim for 6 laps (note: this is assuming an Olympic size pool, so if you are not swimming in one of these pools, add more laps on).

Now that you are warm-upped, perform a freestyle swim for 20 laps. Every 5 laps try to
swim as fast as you can, or at a quicker pace than the others.

After the freestyle swim, perform the backstroke for 20 laps.

Next perform the butterfly for 20 laps. Now if you need to rest in between any of these laps, make sure you do. You do not want to overwork your muscles. Also, make sure you stay hydrated throughout the swimming exercise.

Now you should be somewhat tired after these 3 swimming routines. Perform a cool down freestyle swim for 10 laps. After the cool down make sure that you stretch again.

This swimming routine is a tedious one, thus do not push yourself if you cannot yet complete the full routine. Work your way up to the laps and be patient, you will eventually be able to complete the above workout.

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