Swimming Babies DVDs and What Your Child Can Expect to Learn From Them

by Pool Builders on 03-17-2011 in Articles

Swimming Babies DVDs are becoming more and more popular. As word spreads about how fantastic infant swimming lessons are, more parents are wanting to get their children started. Swimming babies are an absolute joy to behold and the advantages are well worth the effort. In this article we will discuss what you should expect from a swimming babies DVD. All of these points should be covered in the DVD so that you make sure you are getting your monies worth.

Infant Swimming Techniques

The specific DVD that you purchase should have a section for each part of your child's development. The first, and the most important, section is the infant swimming techniques. The following things should be covered in the DVD:

  • The DVD should teach you how to play "Peek-A-Boo" with your child in the pool. While this game is fun and amusing for your child it also teaches them an essential survival tactic.
  • There should be some coverage on how a six month old baby can old their breath under water. The DVD should explain why the baby has a body feature that can help them with holding their breath.
  • You should be able to find a technique that will help distract a child that is crying and fussing about being in the water. This technique should also help the child from feeling nervous.
  • A section of the DVD should cover your baby's confidence. They need to provide a system that will help improve your baby's confidence. Usually experts will have a few simple tips that you can use to pull this off.
  • Since a lot of children refuse to kick their legs in water, experts have designed a method to help them with this. The DVD should cover this in case your child decides they don't want to kick in the water.
  • A section of the DVD should cover how to get your baby to float. There is a fantastic game called "Aeroplanes and birds" that help children get over their fear of floating. You can also make the floating into a game through this technique.

When it comes to swimming babies DVDs you should make sure that at a minimum they cover all of the above points. Most swimming DVDs will have additional information that you can use when your child is older and needs to develop their swimming skills even more.

Swimming Babies DVDs are the perfect addition for your home!

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