Swimming Benefits - An Alternative to Lose Weight and Tone Up

by Pool Builders on 03-20-2011 in Articles

I would like to provide some swimming benefits, information and drawbacks on how such exercise may help to lose weight and tone up. The information in this article is purely gathered from my personal experience when I was unable to train the normal weight training in the gym. In June 2008, I sustained an injury in my knee due to heavy training and wrong movements when performing squats. - By the way, do not bend your knees more than 90 degrees when performing squats, as you would risk harming your knees.

During the six month period I was unable to attend a gym, I started performing various exercises in a pool. Swimming proved a very good replacement to weight training, as it made it possible to keep fit whilst controlling weight and toning up. Performing different stokes and movements make it possible to work a variety of muscles in the body. My honest opinion about swimming is that it is a very good way how to tone up muscles, but it is in no way a substitute for weight training in a gym. Muscle building can only be obtained through weight training in a gym. Swimming helps to tone up and lose weight, without feeling excessively tired like when training in a gym. This is due to the water buoyancy and the low-impact training. One does not need to be a professional or good swimmer to exercise in a pool or at sea, it all depends on the effort performed.

Water provides resistance, so every kick and arm movement improves an aerobics session or cardio training. Obviously, learning some competitive strokes increases the benefits of training. Some exercises include freestyle strokes and lap swimming. Swimming practically works on all body muscles and help to improve cardiovascular fitness, endurance and general strength. Remember that your body starts burning calories as soon as the hearth rate is increased. In the period I practised swimming, I adopted a type of interval circuit training. I used to exercise high effort swimming for 5 minutes and then relax for 2 minutes. Whilst relaxing, I would remain in the pool and tread the water rather than staying idle. This routine is then repeated for eight times, making the whole workout last for circa one hour.

If you read about swimming, many articles argue that once you get out of the pool the after exercise effect of burning calories stops. In normal land based exercise like running, the calorie burning effect continues for a considerable amount of time following the actual workout. This happens because when running, the body heats up considerably and naturally it will work out to cool down. This cooling effect continues even after the actual workout. In the case of swimming one's body does not heat up as much as it does on land. Reason being, that it would be continually surrounded with water having a temperature less than that on land.

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