Swimming - Best Form of Exercise

by Pool Builders on 09-02-2010 in Articles

Many people have wrong notions about swimming and do not realize that swimming is one of the best forms of exercises better than jogging, aerobics and other fitness regimens. Swimming has scores on several advantages over the other forms of exercises.

Read this and you will be prompted to go swimming from tomorrow morning.

Swimming gives you total bodywork out involving all part of your body including legs, arms, stomach as well as lungs. It gives you good cardiovascular workout and strengthens you chest muscles besides increasing your breath and expanding your lungs.

Just imagine jogging on a cold wintry day all by yourself and compare it with swimming in a hot water pool. It is so much more fun and enjoyable to swim in warm water on a cold day and in cold water on a hot summer afternoon. Besides exercising you can look forward to a cooling experience too in summers and warmth and heat in cold season.

Age is no bar for swimming while it can stop you from doing other exercises like weight lifting and training. You can go swimming at any age as long as your enjoy it but you cannot risk injury to your spine or bones by lifting weights as you advance in age. While in water you do not feel your body weight and are able to go on and have a good swim without having to worry about any possible injuries.

But then, to start swimming first thing you have to do is to learn to love water and get over your fear of water.

While in water, you would have to imitate the fish and learn to breath like them, which means you would have to learn to exhale under the water and come up to the surface to inhale. It takes a while for you to get a hand of this. Once you have learnt the trick, swimming is fun and exercise too.

But then before you start swimming, pay a visit to your doctor and get is nod to be on the safer side. He would know your body condition and can be a better judge for you to undertake this exercise.

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