Swimming Can Turn Your Child's Hyperactivity Into Productivity  

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Every child is unique and has an exclusive set of emotions & abilities. A way to communicate, interact and learn varies largely from one child to the other. This is what makes some children active, some hypo-active, and some hyperactive. Parents of hyperactive children are used to face challenge of handling their children to calm them down. However, they constantly seek for more effective tips & guidelines to make their children calm and quite more quickly, directing them towards a productive activity.

What are Hyperactivity & ADHD all about?

Most hyperactive kids are diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). ADHD is a developmental disorder having the potential ability of causing significant disruption to the kids' and their parents' lives, if not noticed & looked after by a specialist. Children with ADHD tend to show symptoms such as a short attention span, disorganized behavior, difficulty in concentrating, excessive levels of activity and impulsive behavior.

Yours Is Not the Only One!

Have you read about the life story of Michael Phelps? There's been a lot of buzz recently around this name. Michael is a globally recognized American swimmer who has successfully earned his own position in the American sports world. Actually, he has been a hyperactive child and struggled with ADHD all through his childhood. However, swimming is what helped him achieve new highs in the world of competitive swimming and live a unique life in spite of being a hyperactive person!

How Swimming Helps?

Hyperactive kids need something beyond medicines. They need to learn to change the way they act & react. Many pediatricians recommend relaxation therapy or behavioral therapy besides particular medication. Swimming is one more effective alternative suggested by many ADHD specialists. Now, let's throw a little light on how swimming can help a hyperactive child get over the ADHD impact.

Swimming enhances -

  • Concentration EUR" Concentration lasts as long as the child is inside the pool
  • Focal maintenance EUR" Water demands constant focal attention
  • Alertness EUR" Constant splash of water leads to constant alertness
  • Ability to understand depth & details
  • Ability to take more mental efforts
    Self monitoring & self controlling ability
Although swimming is good sport for hyperactive kids, it's better if your kid learns to swim in an organized outside pool rather than an indoor pool with lots of noise around. Only playing around in the pool does not help but monitored activities certainly do. Vigorous physical activities direct children's energy to the right task. This is how their hyperactivity results in something productive. Various reputed swimming academies offer swimming classes for kids and even babies.

Children suffering from ADHD are said to excel at competitive sports like swimming. The disciplined lifestyle they have to follow as a competitive swimmer helps them live a well- structured, organized and focused life with prime focus on their attentions and training programmes. Their excess energy is all used up in swimming and the ultimate outcome is calm along with unmatched productivity.

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