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Dear fellow triathlete,

One thing separates great triathletes from the rest. It's the swim leg.

The same triathletes always win the swim. They get a valuable lead which is hard to catch. Wouldn't it be great to have people chasing YOU out of the swim?

The lead swimmers have a secret.

They understand how to glide effortlessly through the water.

Water is their friend. They use it to propel them forward. They don't fight it like the other swimmers.

Are you guys really friends?
Great triathletes don't choke on water. They power easily through the water and use less energy than swimmers struggling at the back. Heres why.

Is there something you do well without needing to think about it?

Ever drive somewhere and arrive realizing you can't remember the journey? It happened automatically. You didn't blink an eyelid.

It's the same with elite triathlon swimmers. They train themselves to switch their mind to autopilot. Swim the race without thinking.

There's no being overwhelmed by thoughts of breathing patterns, pull underwater and body rotation.

If you're busy concentrating on your technique, can you expect to pace your swim correctly? Are you conserving energy for the bike and run?
"A band-aid solution ain't going to cut it "
Elite triathlon swimmers weren't born with magical talents and a halo above their head.

They can be beaten.

Fast triathlon swimming comes down to a few basic priniciples of freestyle. Some coaches and so-called 'gurus' will try to dazzle you with fancy drills and new methods of pulling through the water.

They'll make you believe it takes one little trick to improve your technique for good. It's no secret those methods fall apart at the first sign of racing. It's like applying a band-aid to a broken leg.

"It's the #1 system transforming jerky and unbalanced freestylers
into smooth and powerful triathlon swimmers"

It takes a rock-solid, proven training system to transform a 'not-so-great' swimmer into a swimming force to be reckoned with. Plus, it will cost you less than a pair of speedos to try it.

Imagine the confidence you'll feel knowing you'll be in the lead pack, shaking up the field and crushing your old PB times.

TriSwim Technique will help you:
Break free of bad technique habits that are holding you back (even if you've done them for 53 years!)
Only build lean muscle mass and avoid carrying that dreaded extra bulk in your race (so you can still dominate the ride and run legs)
Swim smooth freestyle that even your old n' cranky swim coach could be proud of!
Annihilate your old swim PB's and finally cut it with the lead pack (you can say goodbye to the tail-end of the field!)
Feel so confident in the wateryou'll think you own the damn race!
Become the 'go-to-guy' (or gal) when your mates realise you're kicking their butt in the water!
Enjoy gliding past your competitors like a cruiseliner as they cough and splatter their way to the end
Understand and 'get' what the 'swimming gurus' are talking about when they mention the catch, recovery, high elbow pull through, stroke length, the list goes on.
'Hold' the water as you pull and stop your hand 'slipping' (this is easier than you think)
Swim with the same technique and ease as 'the big boys' (and girls) of triathlon. Using a simple step-by-step system that's been proven by hundreds of others to increase speed, clean up swimming technique and make you a better swimmer.
Increase your cardio fitness (so you'll have loads of energy for the bike and run...every time)
"But surely TriSwim Technique won't work for me?"

I've swam for 19 years and coached for 5 of those years. Do you know the biggest objection I get from people considering the program?

"I've tried everything else before and that hasn't worked, surely TriSwim Technique won't work for me?"

I feel your pain. Growing up I watched dozens of stroke DVD's and videos, read most of the books and asked a lot of coaches for advice. Not everything I learnt worked. In fact, most of it didn't work at all (some even made me slower!).

The truth is a lot of programs are quick-fix solutions to a big problem that needs to be dealt with at the very core.

What I mean is; to teach you how to swim properly, you've got to start simple.

That's what TriSwim Technique is...it's easy to do and simple to understand. I mean, let's be honest. Swimming can be really complex when you're doing it.

"Swimming can be complex. TriSwim Technique makes it's so simple my 8 year-old cousin understands it"

You're thinking about your hip rotation, shoulder rotation, breathing, hand entry, high elbow catch and recovery, clean exit of the hand, holding the water, body position...and that's only to name a few!

The only way to swim properly is to learn it so your mind and body are familiar with the feel of correct technique.

There's a lot of elements in freestyle. They will happen automatically for you with TriSwim Technique.

While others are overwhelmed by freestyle technique, you won't be. You'llknow exactly what to do and how to do it if the you follow the step-by-step TriSwim Technique program.
I'm going to be honest. I didn't come up with every drill and method myself. I did develop the program myself, but I've used things which I learnt from other swimmers and coaches.

"Coaches are fuming!"

I attended a private clinic with Bob Bowman (US Olympic coach) andMichael Phelps (Olympic swimmer) and copied the drills which worked from his program. I've masterminded with Australian swimmer Sam Ashby and used elements of his training program in TriSwim Technique.

Some of the drills weren't ever meant to be taught to the public. Some coaches are fuming I'm revealing them. I don't care. You shouldn't care. Why should elite swimmers only learn this stuff?

I developed the program because the majority of swimmers have the same few troubles with their freestyle. I wanted to fix it.

"Swimmers who learn this method dominate open water swimming...every time"

After months of research I found all the things that did work form other programs and all the things which didn't work. I got rid of the crap, and only put in what worked. You get it in an easy to understand way which walks you through it one thing at a time (it's so easy to follow my 8 year old cousin can follow).

I've used the program to take my Australian Master's team to two National Championship wins. In open water races the swimmers I've taught this stuff to dominate...every time. They regularly place in the top three, often winning most events.

I hear you though. Why should you care about their results? Here's why.

I use the exact program with them as what I'm offering to you now. Plus, it won't cost you and arm and a leg to learn it.
You will get outstanding videos, ebooks and audios inluding:

The entire Triathlon Swimming Technique online video program including all 4 step-by-step lessons. These videos run you through the exact drills to transform any level of swimmer into a smooth freestyler, not matter what the conditions.
The Triathlon Swimming Technique digital ebook detailing every single drill with high-color pictures so you can access the program without even watching the videos. You can print it off as many times as you like, take it to the pool with you, it's all yours!
A professional drill card which can be printed onto one sheet of paper, it's like a quick reference guide for you so you'll never forget what to next when you're at the pool.
Plus we've packed in a heap of FREE bonus audios, videos and ebooks on nutrition, training accessories, swimming secrets plus a bunch more.
Our crazy promise

All this is backed by our 60-day 'no hassle, no hard feelings' money back guarantee.

If you're still not convinced TriSwim Technique is all we've promised and you're not seeing a dramatic change in your swimming, we'll give your entire investment back if you purchase the program in full. No hard feelings.

We'll even let you keep the program as a 'thank you' for trying it out.

There's no risk in trying the program.

Available for a short time

Shortly I'll be taking the offer down to check if it's still viable for me to run. After that, if I decide to make it available again the price could go up to $97.

This is because the more people I have in the program, the more people I need to provide support for. If there's too many, I cant provide one-on-one email contact anymore. Hurry, secure your copy now before it's gone. I promise you will be swimming faster in 7 days or your money back. Act now!

Buy now in full
($77 one-time payment)

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