Swimming During Pregnancy

by Pool Builders on 10-31-2009 in Articles

It's commonly believed that swimming during pregnancy offers you great benefits. Besides providing you a good health, it's also beneficial for your unborn child. In those nine months, the most important problem that you might face is the weight gain. You tend to become more concerned about the increased size of your tummy. Exercise like swimming plays a vital role in giving the comfort level during pregnancy. Apart from this, it also bestows several other benefits like increasing muscle tone and improvising body strength. Swimming also enhances blood circulation. It goes a long way to build your cardiovascular endurance. Experts can guide you on how to swim correctly in those nine months. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before you start swimming. Taking into account the fact that swimming does not carry maximum injury risk, doctors usually recommend swimming to almost all pregnant women. It's always good to consult your doctor in order to confirm that swimming won't put you and your unborn baby to a predicted risk level. However, in cases of high risk and complicated pregnancy cases, doctors don't recommend swimming. Swimming also seems to be a water therapy giving the best results when carried out during the pregnancy. It is said to reduce the labor pain. Swimming keeps you both mentally and physically fit and fine.

Swimming for thirty to sixty minutes during pregnancy is not a bad idea. Swimming during pregnancy is considered as the best exercise. It offers a better flexibility level to the muscles. It is important not to over burden yourself with all these activities. During pregnancy you should be quite careful while selecting your swimsuit. A specially designed suit is always preferable over standard swim suits. The whole point here is to provide you great comfort. Often standard suits available in the market are not comfortable .They are usually tight and makes you feel uneasy. When you are nearing your labor swimming is good as compared to walking or running. There are certain activities and exercises carried out sitting inside the pool. They give a better relaxation and is considered to be one way of taking the stress away.

There are many safety measures that you should consider while swimming during pregnancy. If you do not know swimming, then it is safe not to learn swimming during the pregnancy. However, do not try swimming in places having greater depth. Doctors can advice you to take small breaks in order to catch your breath. It is important not to hurt yourself while swimming. See to that you take greater care of your chest and back muscles. Both these body parts are prone to ligament tear during pregnancy. Fitness experts recommend the backstroke styles for the pregnant ladies. Many pregnant women use snorkel, whenever they feel excess pressure on their neck. Pregnant women often prefer kickboard once they feel fatigue. After every lap you can try using the kickboard. However, if you have back pains then try not to use it.

During the last trimester, it is best to practice breast strokes styles of swimming .The main reason behind this is that it offers a good exercise to your back muscles and chest.

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