Swimming - Exercise And Sport For The Entire Family

by Pool Builders on 10-02-2007 in Articles

I had this dilemma. I could not seem to find the time to exercise. I work a full time job, am the mom of a rambunctious preschooler and of course a homemaker. As we all know, in this situation you usually put your own health and well being on the back burner. To try to find time for my own health and my family I decided to join a local gym that has a year round pool available.

Mikey loves the water. Put him in a floaty and watch him go. Swimming serves multiple purposes for my family. It is great "together time" for us, time for teaching my son how to swim plus great a great water aerobic exercise. I let him float, happily playing in the water as I get my workout in. Another fun thing I do with him is racing him across the short end of the pool. He loves it and again we both get some exercise.

Now that he is getting used to getting around on his own in the water and is comfortable with it, I get to do a few swimming laps. We also like to take the whole family to the gym on Friday nights now for "Family Swim" night. All of us have made some new friends with the families who enjoy "Family Swim" as much as we do.

Since we started this exciting family sport, I have managed to tone my body and loose 7 lbs., Mikey is a regular fish in the water and my whole family spends some quality time together.

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