Swimming Exercises Are Great For the Mind and Body

by Pool Builders on 04-05-2010 in Articles

As I get older, I am constantly aware of an unwelcome weight gain as well as finding difficulty in some daily movements. "This is normal," I would tell myself, time and time again, but wasn't truly convinced, because I hated the thought that my age was beginning to show. Don't you hate it when some one makes reference to you being the oldest?

After struggling up the back stairs, for the umpteenth time, I decided to make the change, and do it immediately. I started going to the local swimming pool. At first I felt old, fat and clumsy and was sure that every one was watching, but I didn't care, I had to do something to improve my fitness. At first, I wore holes in the bottom of my feet, as the pool is concrete, and because I was not able to swim, due to my breathless state, I had to walk, so I remedied this by wearing rubber reef shoes. Then my eyes began to get sore because of the high level of chlorine, so I put on swim goggles. Also my ears got blocked, so I used ear plugs, and to top it all off, the weather changed and I had to resort to wearing a licra swim shirt, to prevent from freezing.

Now, looking at myself in the mirror, with all my regalia on, no one would be able to recognize me in a fit, and I'm happy, because I get in the water and do my "thing" for an hour and go home, and do you know, that since I have been doing my little fitness stint, I have noticed other people starting to mimic my exercises, so I feel proud that I have not only improved my fitness, but I am proud that others think that I have worked out an effective enough pool exercise to follow.

So I guess there is a moral to my story. " Don't be afraid to be your self " My self esteem has grown since I started my pool exercises, and I can feel myself becoming fitter, even to the extent where I can do a couple of laps over arm, and manage my breathing. So, Take The Plunge, Jump In and Enjoy all the Benefits that Being Healthy Can Bring.

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