Swimming Fitness Systems Specifically Designed For Men  

by Pool Builders on 06-19-2012 in Articles

You could get your dad yet another tie or mug or random generic present for Father's Day this year. But, if you're ready to break the cycle of boring gifts and really get Dad something that he will use and benefit from, you'll definitely want to read on. Swim suit season is upon us, and summer brings along long days at the pool. Now's the time for all of us, even the men in our lives, to shape up and trim down. Maybe your dad is trying to get back to his old college weight. Or perhaps the father of your child is ready to shed some of those sympathy pounds he packed on when you were pregnant. Whatever the case, workout gear is always a fun, useful and appreciated gift. One fail-safe idea is the AquaJogger Men's Fitness System. And since warm weather is here, why not get that special man in your life off the couch and into the water for a great, stress-free workout?

Think that water jogging and aqua aerobics is something only for senior citizens? Think again! Water-based workouts are an excellent way to burn calories and form lean, strong muscle, without putting stress on joints or repetitive motion injuries. One of the best ways to push your metabolism into overdrive is to take to the water in an AquaJogger Pro Belt. The man in your life can easily strap one of these belts around his waist and take to the water like a pro. Don't be alarmed if it looks like something that he wouldn't typically use. You can take comfort in the fact that the Pro model provides 30% more buoyancy and is trusted by professional athletes across the country. Its patented design gives optimal support, ensures proper posture and strengthens back and core muscles. Plus, the AquaJogger Belt is soft, durable and very comfortable to wear. Dad will really enjoy this gift (although a bit unorthodox of a birthday or Father's Day gift) and he will love that you had him and his health in mind.

(If you think your boyfriend, husband or dad might need a little extra instruction on how to use the AquaJogger Pro Belt, pair the float with an instructional DVD. The Take It to the Water AquaJogger DVD is a 45 minutes guide packed full of drills, training ideas and basic instructional tips to get your guy into the water and loving how his new AquaJogger training system makes him look and feel.)

While the AquaJogger Belt will give your guy an unbeatable cardio workout, there are other AquaJogger products that he can use to get his entire body into peak physical shape. Pair the jogging belt with Delta Bells, from the same AquaJogger brand. These foamy, barbell-shaped floats rely on water resistance and drag to work out the upper body while in the pool. Their triangular design offers varying degrees of resistance and their lightweight composition will keep them afloat when not in use. And for an added lower body workout, your dad or husband will love AquaJogger's AquaRunner RX resistance footwear. These specially designed floats comfortably strap onto feet and add resistance in the water without the use of added weight. They are ideal to use in conjunction with the Pro Belt and Delta Bells. Combine all three products and get one of the best water workouts you and that special man in your life could possibly hope for.

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