Swimming For Cardiovascular Endurance

by Pool Builders on 03-14-2010 in Articles

If you want to exercise but are not truly fond of land-based exercise per se, why not try swimming as an alternative. Your body becomes buoyant under and above water which is why exercising in a pool is really ideal particularly for those intending to begin a work-out routine.

Swimming is a form of exercise that is good for cardiovascular endurance. It stimulates blood circulation and easily increases the heart rate. As the muscles in your body begin working out they require more and more oxygen which requires a faster heart rate for the additional oxygen to be delivered to the muscles.

Want to try something new in the pool? Why not do some water jogging? Water jogging not only improves your cardiovascular health but it also helps strengthen your leg muscles.

You first need to get accustomed to water jogging, which is why you need to stay at the shallow portion of the pool. Make sure that when you stand straight the water reaches slightly above the waist or at least almost to your chest. Slightly bend your knees and begin jogging in place. You can hold onto the pool's ledge if you wish. Jog in place for at least 5 minutes keeping in mind that the resistance caused by the water can easily tire you out compared to land-based jogging.

As you become more at ease with water jogging, you now have the option to increase the length of time that you jog or you can go to a slightly deeper portion of the pool and begin your jogging routine there (even if your feet does not touch the ground). You can also purchase or borrow water weights for that added work-out in the pool.

Don't own a pool?

No problem, look for a public pool that is in or near your location. Chances are there is at least one that you can go to regularly. Once you find one, the next question is what is the ideal time for you to do your swimming exercise? I often find that the best time for this is the mid-day. Not only will the number of swimmers be less during mid-day but you will also be assured that the pool has already been treated with the necessary pool chemicals.

The use of pool chemicals to clean and decontaminate swimming pools is a necessity particularly in public swimming pools because of the number of people using the pool the entire day. It is highly advisable that the swimming pool be treated with swimming pool chemicals early in the day, preferably way ahead of the pool's opening time, so that the appropriate amount of time has elapsed before people are allowed to safely use the pool.

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