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What is freestyle Swimming?

Swimming means move through water. Swimming is divided into several strokes like breaststroke; front crawl, butterfly, and backstroke are some of them.

Freestyle swimming is an unregulated swimming style where a swimmer can use a number of different swim strokes. Although freestyle is unregulated and people can generally move however they like. In fact the swimmers from different styles can use their style to swim freestyle. But swimmers need to be able to stay above water and sometimes be able to hold their breath for a long time. Once anyone has chosen an alternate stroke to use in the freestyle event, he must obey all the rules regarding that stroke or be disqualified. The front crawl stroke is used mostly during a freestyle race. Front crawl is a powerful swimming stroke which believed to be the fastest.

Freestyle Swimming Competition

Normally other strokes are done as 100s and 200s but in freestyle there are eight common competitions. The freestyler can specialize in any of its distance they find most comfortable like

1) 50 m freestyle
2) 100 m freestyle
3) 200 m freestyle
4) 400 m freestyle (500 yards for short course yards)
5) 800 m freestyle (1000 yards for short course yards)
6) 1500 m freestyle (1650 yards for short course yards)
7) 4×100 m freestyle relay
8) 4×200 m freestyle relay

8 years old children or younger can take part in 25 yard or 25 meter freestyle event. These kinds of events are mainly designed for kids who are unable to compete with similarly aged swimmers or can't swim longer distance event for some physical difficulty

There some others event of freestyle:

1) 100 m individual medley (short 25 m pool only)
2) 200 m individual medley
3) 400 m individual medley
4) 4×100 m medley relay

Rules & Regulation

Freestyle means any kind of swimming style for a freestyle swimming event. But in medley competitions swimmer have swim breaststroke, butterfly or backstroke style. At every turn and upon completion swimmer has to the wall.

A swimmer must be above the water in some part at any time, except for the first 15 meters after the beginning and every turn.

The FINA rules are:

i) Freestyle means the swimmer can swim any style, except for the individual medley or medley relay events.
ii) The swimmer must touch the wall upon completion of each length and at the finish.
iii) In some part of the event swimmer must above of the water throughout the race, except for a distance of not more than 15 meters after the start and each turn. By that point the head must have above the water.

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