Swimming Goggle Advice  

by Pool Builders on 01-20-2011 in Articles

Goggle Advice

Choosing the appropriate pair of swimming goggle for you can be confusing, as there are so many different shapes and lens color options available that unless you have been swimming for years and had a chance to try different brands and styles till you find your pair, where do you begin?
Which swimming goggle? Which brand? Which style? You never thought buying a swimming goggle could be so difficult. Well follow these three steps to ensure you find the perfect match for the water.

Step 1 - Seal

To test the fit you should firstly apply the goggle to the face without the strap in place and test the seal the swimming goggle provides. If a split second of suction is provided then you have a strong indication of a good fit (take care of those eye balls though, our goggle is known to have awesome suction!)
Myth: Tightening the strap will ensure your swimming goggle give a good fit.
Fact: The swimming goggle straps sole purpose is to hold the swimming goggle in position, not to provide the seal. Adjustment of the strap may be necessary, however avoid the temptation to pull the strap too tight, this will simply create uncomfortable pressure on the delicate eye area, not to mention an unsightly panda eye effect!

Step 2 - Fit

Once you have found a good seal you should fit the head strap by careful adjustment and then focus on two area:

1. Comfort around the nose bridge, the goggle should sit comfortably around the nose and create a good seal.?

2. Seal around the eye should sit comfortably and not wrap too far around the corner of the eye.

Step 3 - Style

Check how you look in a mirror! We always recommend trying 2-3 different models, this will help you compare fit, comfort and validate your purchase decision.

Which Lens Color?

Are you confused with the range of lens colors that are available? Different lens colors are designed to perform under different light conditions. Which provides you the best vision on the day, whatever the light.

Amber Lens

An Amber lens provides excellent vision in both high and low light environments. In low level light (indoor swimming pool etc)amber lenses amplify the light meaning clearer vision. In high light levels (bright sunshine, outdoors etc) they reduce glare which also helps to provide better vision. An ideal lens color for all environments.

Clear lens

Clear lens provides a natural light, which makes it ideal for low light, overcast conditions where maximum visibility is required.Clear lens is also ideal for consistent lighting as it provides accurate vision without filtering out color. Ideal for indoor pools and dark conditions.

Blue / Violet Lens

These colors are designed to allow a moderate level of light into the eye but they still provide some protection from glare. Its a practical color for changing conditions. Ideal for everyday events and training.

Smoke Lens

Dark lenses provide protection from high light levels (direct sunshine and bright conditions). They have the same principles as sun glasses. Ideal for swimming out in the sun.

Goggle Care

To preserve the life of swimming goggle and keep them in good condition we recommend you follow these rules.

1. Always rinse your swimming goggle off in cold water to remove any chlorine or salt.

2. Allow to dry in a warm and hygienic environment.

3. Do not store or leave out in direct sunlight as this could cause the silicone to dry.

4. Never rub the inside of the lenses as this could cause scratches.

5. Consider purchasing a swimming goggle pouch to provide additional protection.

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