Swimming - How to Become the Best Swimmer

by Pool Builders on 02-17-2010 in Articles

Swimming is a recreational sport that most people learn in their youth. They know how to do the front crawl, the doggie paddle, and possibly one or two other strokes. But how do you take your swimming to the next level? If you want to become a better swimmer, follow these hints for your practice. Some are simple changes, while others take a lot of hard work.

Many competitive swimmers remove their body hair to shave seconds off of their times. Though this can work, there are other ways to up your score quickly. Be sure to point your toes when swimming. This keeps your kick as strong as possible, which may give you that extra oomph to finish 2 seconds better than your previous best.

Keep your fingers together. For the same reason that shaving your body hair keeps you aerodynamic, reducing places where air could get caught in your stroke will keep you streamlined and fast.

Maintain a healthy (and low) body fat percentage. Swimmers have incredibly toned, lean, muscular bodies partly because swimming is a great work out for every muscle group in your body, but also because you can move faster if you're carrying less fat. Oftentimes, spending more time in the water and doing a few extra laps will be enough to lose a few pounds.

Try cross-training with biking or running to help build endurance for swimming. Not only do these activities use different muscle groups, but learning how to best utilize your lungs out of water will help you once you get back in the pool, as well.

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