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by Pool Builders on 02-17-2010 in Articles

Swimming is a sport that can be done in many ways. Swimming is often a better workout option than running or biking because it is a low-impact activity, so it's better for joints and bones of the young and old as well as everyone in between.

Swimming laps can be boring though, and more often than not the pool is not available for a full game of water polo. So what can you do in the water that's a fun way to burn calories and lose weight?

Water aerobics are popular because they burn the same amount of calories as step aerobics but without the impact. You can work your legs and core all while holding on to the side of the pool. Try doing crunches by bringing your legs into your chest using only your abdominal muscles (don't forget to keep your knees together). You can also work thighs and glutes by holding the wall and kicking up and back one leg at a time. Many gyms offer aerobics classes, which are great because you have a group of friends to work out with!

Walking. Believe it or not, walking in a pool is hard business. Because of the buoyancy, your body wants to float; don't let it. Walk the short way across the shallow end, moving your arms in the breaststroke motion. When you get to the other end turn around and do it again, but this time lunging. Be sure that your feet make solid contact with the bottom of the pool. 3 more short-laps of this and you'll be feeling it in your legs and core.

Diving for Treasure. Pool games aren't only for children! Throw corks, pennies, or whatever objects you can find around in the deep end of the pool. Starting in the shallow end, swim out, grab one object, and return it to the shallow end. See how many you can collect in 5 minutes, always swimming back to the shallow end between dives. You can use the same stroke each time, or switch it up to practice many strokes at once.

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