Swimming: Is It The Right Fitness Path For You?

by Pool Builders on 09-22-2010 in Articles

A lot of us take our health for granted. Our work schedules are often hectic and of course there are other responsibilities like work and family. All of these together can take up a lot of time. Unfortunately, while juggling most of our other responsibility, we neglect the one thing that matters the most - our health.

It doesn't help that our lifestyles are changing, leaning more towards the sedentary, that we prefer junk foods to fresh and healthy nutrition and that not only our adults, but also our children are today experiencing lifestyle related disorders and obesity.

Perhaps one way to make exercise and fitness a regular part of the day is to include a fun fitness schedule in your daily routine. You could perhaps join an aerobic class meant for your entire family. Or better still go swimming for an hour everyday.

Swimming has long been considered one of the best cardio exercises. When you swim regularly, you work on your entire body and not only burn those extra calories for weight loss, but also tone and shape your body. Swimming, when performed correctly, can help you work all the muscles in your body. It provides your muscles gentle stretching and the movements are excellent for increasing heart rate and burning off excess calories.

Swimming is not only a healthy everyday activity, but can be performed throughout your life. Even when you are older, swimming allows you the perfect exercise and fitness option. Since water allows for more fluid and smoother movements of the body, older people with joint pain and growing arthritis may also swim without exerting their joints much.

When opposed to other fitness routines like running and weight training, swimming has an advantage. Let's say for instance, that you run 5 miles a day. The impact of running is felt on your ankles and knees. After f5 miles, therefore, you may get tired and give up. In case of swimming, however, the exercise is not very tiring and therefore, you can swim five additional laps without tiring your body. You not only end up exercising more without getting fatigued as much, but also burn more calories and give a longer workout to your body.

Swimming has been known to build endurance. When you swim on a regular basis, your lung capacity increases and the flow of oxygen in your body also improves. This enables your organs to function better.
Proponents of swimming will tell you that this is perhaps the only worthy exercise. However, there are some down sides to swimming as well.

When we talk about the disadvantages of swimming, the fact is that these only pertain to the cleanliness and hygiene of the pools and not the exercise itself. Most people do not have a pool in their own home and therefore use a public pool for performing their exercising. The disadvantage of public pools is that they offer you chlorinated water, which is not healthy for you. Also, the pool may have germs which often cause ear infections rightly termed as 'swimmer's ear'.

Though swimming is an excellent exercise routine and worthy of being incorporated in your daily routine, it is best if you have your own pool, or make sure that you use a pool which is cleaned often enough and does not expose you to highly chlorinated water.

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