Swimming Is a Cardiovascular and Aerobic Full-Body Movement Exercise With Zero Impact on the Joints

by Pool Builders on 11-25-2010 in Articles

People with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis can use swimming as an exercise. The joint pain caused by arthritis is minimized in water and one gains flexibility and range of motion with swimming. People living in New York City live in tight stressful circumstances with little exposure to nature,or solitude. One can find swimming a peaceful way to release of stress because it is a solitary sport. Learning to swim with correct body form and breathing technique is essential to be able to receive the benefits of swimming. The sport of swimming will also act as a mood elevator as the endorphins are released and the body eliminates toxic build up from stress. Stress and lack of circulation are the top primary causes of disease while aging. Swimming can help to alleviate depression, handle anxiety, manage moods and maintain energy levels. The healing effects of water are exhilarating, and the rhythms of swimming serve as a meditative ritual.

People suffering from diabetes can benefit from swimming's weightless cardiovascular workout, as it helps control blood sugar levels, thereby increasing insulin efficiency and preventing complications.

Swimming is also an important skills for safety purposes for children and adults. The depth of the water has nothing to do with the danger of drowning, One must learn techniques to survive and master the medium of water. Fear of water is usually compounded by a bad experience that one had as a child, or adult or a near drowning experience, Over coming Fear and learning to swim will expand your horizon,make surfing,scuba diving,boating,fishing and outdoor swimming a wonderful refreshing summer activity. One should continue to swim throughout the Year in indoor pools, and if the water is cold just invest in a 2mm or 3mm wetsuit, or nylon full body suit. No excuses now! Swimming is a life extending activity to embrace, add swimming to your work-out repertoire.

Most importantly swimming incorrectly will not be an adequate source of exercise. It is important to invest in professional swim instruction so that you can seriously go to they pool and swim for 20 minutes straight without getting short-winded. It is important to keep your body streamlined and not to turn your neck to breath, but to use a body roll.One can also use the pool as a place to integrate land stretches into the aquatic environment.

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