Swimming Is a Fun Activity That Both Mums and Toddlers Can Enjoy Whilst Learning Important Skills  

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If you are a new parent, you have probably already heard about other mums and dads that have been signing their children up for toddlers swimming lessons. You may also be confused as to why someone who is so small and cannot do much by themselves would need to take a swimming lesson with their parent. Although toddlers and infants cannot swim by themselves, they receive a wonderful experience just by being with their mum or dad in the swimming pool. This bonding time has proven to be extremely helpful in a young childâEUR(TM)s development.

Toddlers and Swimming Lessons

You may or may not be surprised by this fact, but toddlers actually like being in and around water. The one thing that they dislike, however, is the temperature of the water. They also do not like chemical filled water that will irritate their delicate skin. Because so many young children enjoy being in the water, these mum and toddler lessons are gaining in popularity.
The swimming lessons will provide your young child with a confidence that they will carry with them into adulthood. They will feel comfortable around water because they will know how to stay safe around it. Once your toddler has taken a few lessons, you will also notice that they are calmer, and they will sleep better. Your child will never be very far away from you during the lessons, and they will learn the skills and the lifestyle that will allow them to become healthy and happy adults.

How Are Swimming Lessons For Toddlers Conducted?

These classes are taught by instructors that have many years of swimming and teaching experience. Most of these instructors are also specially trained to teach younger children the basics of water safety. The pools are always heated, and they maintain a temperature of at least 30 degrees Celsius. Also, the pools are shallow, not deep, and this will allow parents who cannot swim feel more comfortable in the water during the lesson too.

The only skill that will be taught during these lessons is teaching the toddler how to float. Your child will be next to you at all times, and you will assist them with this skill. The only other information that will be taught will be water safety.

Many experts and parents believe that younger children adapt to swimming easily because it reminds them of the time they spent in their motherâEUR(TM)s womb. Although this is hard to confirm, one thing is true: infants and toddlers seem to enjoy water related activities, and more schools are taking advantage of this growing trend.

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