Swimming Laps At Home In The Pool

by Pool Builders on 11-07-2010 in Articles

It is a toss-up whether the world's favourite way of staying fit is hiking or swimming, but simply because not everyone has access to enough safe water to swim in. I think that walking is fine, but we do it every day, it is too everyday; swimming, on the other hand, launches you into a completely different environment where you need a different set of skills to survive.

Hiking is very efficient for massaging the internal organs and exercising the legs, lungs and heart, but swimming exercises each limb and muscle and massages the internal organs as well. In short, swimming is probably a better exercise than walking, but hey, you can do both, eh?

Most people just have the local swimming pool to go to, and unfortunately they can be a real pain to use now that people are not as thoughtful of others as they used to be. It is not so bad if you can go while the children are in school or if the pool keeps a few of lanes free for serious swimmers, but otherwise, swimming at the local pool is a bore.

Naturally we cannot all have our own pool in the yard, we do not even all have a yard and we can not all live near the sea. The next best thing is to become a member of a private spa or swimming club. However, if you have a small patch of ground, you might be able to squeeze in a lap pool. A lap pool is long and thin, somewhere you could get one or two lanes in, which is plenty of room for swimming up and down.

A lap pool such as this would not be very costly because it does not have to be deep for diving and you will not require a diving board or slide. Just a ladder or steps at one end. Four feet of water would be enough for swimming too.

Therefore, the lap pool does not have to be deeper than four feet or wider than six feet, but it must be as long as you have space for. Having a lap pool like this does not mean that you cannot just float or stand in it while the weather is hot. If you do not have space for this but would still like something, you could look into procuring a swim spa.

It sounds fantastic and terribly costly, doesn't it? Well, they are fantastic, but they are cheaper than buying and maintaining a garden pool. A swim spa is the same as of a treadmill. A motor pushes water at you and you swim into it, so that you are held in one spot by the current and your own efforts. You get a free water massage thrown in free as well!

It is costly to be able to take advantage of water sports at home, but the solace is that you will not have to pay to get into the local pool, you will not have noisy kids getting in your way and you will be fitter.

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